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The Gospel Preached, Silently Aloud

Over this past weekend, five Seminarians traveled to Ferguson to be a part of a workshop with a wonderful singer and storyteller from Sweet Honey in the Rock

Ferguson has had tremendously a marching, wailing, weeping calls of justice, of pain and of saddness for almost 9 months.

But Friday, it seemed that the Creator poured out peace with never ending showers-and so therefore only the echoes of these unending calls against injustice remained

photo 4 (1)

Praying without ceasing

photo 5

Can this community see the reflection of God in one another’s faces in order to come to the table and the Table to begin the hard conversations?

photo 2 (4)

Love is the greater commandment…but how can Love be portrayed in cold streets where the shadows of how life was cruelly drained away?

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Community; a community that has been so damaged and abused in the dark and now the sins of the oppressors have come to the light

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A journey that is never ending.

God’s Peace. 


Reflections of Reading Week; Living and Witnessing in Action!

Prophetic Witnessing in the Wilderness

This season is supposed to be joyous-but each moment we are brought into the horizon of the dawn

we are faced with more questions than answers