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The Last Week of Seminary…Ever.

Well perhaps it is not the last week of Seminary ever..

but for me, it is.

Years of this spiritual journey

that for myself and my classmates has been a fruitful and challenging one.


Peeking In

photo (2)

Joyful mix of students learning Biblical Hebrew from Dr. Klaus-Peter Adam


First Day of Class!

One of the great joys of working in admissions is welcoming the new students to campus for both orientation and then the first week of classes.  This has been a particularly full week for me because not only are the incoming MAM, MATS, MDiv, ThM and PhD students plunging into their new curriculum and their new identities as “seminarians,” I’m experiencing this on a completely new level as well.

Yesterday I spent the day at our local elementary school getting my 5 year old daughter ready for her first day of kindergarten and it struck me how “first days” have some parallels, regardless of age or program.  Anxiety, joy, nervousness, sadness, excitement, relief—all of these emotions and many more were rippling through kindergarten and seminary students alike this week.  How will these youngsters change this city, this nation, this world?

We have had many changes coursing through our admissions office as well.   Not only have we had to interpret a new curriculum for an incoming class—we’ve had to interpret it for ourselves as well!  After months of imagining and re-imagining what “public church” might look like, it was so gratifying to look into Room 201 yesterday and see, yes:  CC301/Public Church I is full of students!  It’s amazing to imagine how these students will transform the church in years to come.

Scott Chalmers