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Another Spring, Another Semester!

Good Tuesday morning!

A little Soul II Soul to get us moving

So pardon my singing

It’s Spring Semester, and there is always some excitement with the beginning of the Semester..



And for your listening pleasure, a way to welcoming in another moment of studying, reading, waiting, praying and being..


Who are the Goats? Who is the King?

photo (12)

It seems that the beloved community has been broken for some time

and that history repeats itself

and that there are more goats stubbornly meandering about

because they refuse to open wide and make room at the Table

for those whom they feel do not reflect an essential, equal part of humanity

Do we not see etched in the cross,

the glory of God

who has the power to transform those lines of division

into crossroads

where we come as beloved people of God

united in a death

that was shattered

because of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made

for all of Creation?

 We have not learned from our mistakes-

We refuse to see through the hatred and the oppression we heap upon one another

on the peoples of the world

Simply because they do not conform

or buy into our interpretation of Scripture

that one tribe should have dominion over those we perceive as weak

that we cast them out into the darkness

not realizing

that they are not alone

Waiting for them there

is the risen Christ

who heals, who makes all things new

and loves those without question, unconditionally

Regardless of their skin, their language or their journey

Perhaps one day we can stop having displays such as these

because one day, we will truly be united

as the Beloved Community.

God’s Peace


Radical Love resonating from All the Saints

photo 3 (1)

Surrounded by those saints and ancestors we are reminded why we are here

why we have been called

and what we must accomplish 

because of whose shoulders we stand on

photo 1 (1)

It is in this celebration of remembrance that the radical love pours out

photo 4 (1)

even in the midst of our tears illuminated by the light and warmth from the Triune God

gives us hope

as we join lifting our voices for these Saints

radical Love that knows no bounds

goes on and on