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A Change is Going to Come

This, is a reality that is the elephant in the room…

In an open letter from  African American sisters and brothers who are leaders in theological education  issued a very particular call to theological school presidents and deans.  They wrote, “We invite our colleagues— presidents, deans and leaders of all divinity and theological schools—to arise from the embers of silence and speak up and speak out as the prophet of old, ‘let justice run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream’”

This, the wider Church, is not perfect

We sing in many of our faith communities “All Are Welcome”

But that is not the reality, and that is painful

As a woman of Color, I dance between two worlds..

although regardless, in the shadow of the Cross

kneeling at the Table

I am the same as my brother and sister in Christ

What I have found here at Seminary is that there is a struggle to create the beloved community

But here, I have found acceptance for who I am

and encouraged to be authentically who I am

even through the tension.

So we must continue to push the boundaries, ask the questions…

because that is what the Gospel clearly proclaims..

that is what clearly we are called to…

Soon and very soon, 

A change is going to come.

God’s Peace.


Melding with the Seasons: A Call to Ministry

Wordle: Discerning your Call

The seasons bring with it a time for discerning, for wondering and for questing-who we are, 

and who God, Our Creator has called us to be

There are moments along this spiritual journey when we, as seminarians and aspiring scholars need to be reminded

that the call to ministry in various forms still remain fresh within who we are, even when we are exhausted and restless

This week we had 15 prospective students join us in the classrooms and in chapel, sharing their stories

sharing how the Gospel reflected and resonated within who they were

and how that brought them into our community, brightening our fellowship for the moment

stirring up memories about when we had come to our own Seminary Sampler weekend

and who was instrumental in pulling, tugging us along to be a part of LSTC

And crossing that boundary of the unknown, trusting in the Creator

and the nagging call of a purpose

to serve in a community that perhaps did not look like us

or even celebrated the Creator God as we historically had

or sounded as we were comfortable in hearing

Except all we knew

is that Creator stirs within us

Holy Fire

so that we can speak the Word of Life

to a world who otherwise would be empty……