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Christmas Time is here; Traditions of a People


Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season continues for us as a people of faith

We have shared songs of celebration and joy

About something as unexpected and mysterious 

at the coming of this simple birth

that stands to transform this world

All throughout social media and through movies that I have watched

there was a sense of Unity as people, regardless of who they were or where they had journeyed from

Came to be gathered as one.


is that so strange

That in this season of joy

a mighty people locked in exile would too, celebrate with joy their heritage?

Those principles that guided their ancestors

and in times of strife and chaos

they lean on?


Many will argue that Kwanzaa is nothing more than radical language


is it only because Kwanzaa can give nothing more

than pride, self-determination

that Kwanzaa fluidly flows from the faith in the Divine Creator

giving us purpose, rooting us to God

and footing to concretely stand on this world?


Everlasting Streams of #AdventUs


This Advent is unlike any other

We have taken the Gospel into the Streets

We strive to actively live out our witness 

Pointing to the Light

That brings a new Creation, a New Birth

Transforming us into the newness of Life

The Flowing of #Adventus


“Am I my sisters/brothers keeper?”

Should I ignore that which was cradled into the Creator’s hands?

Should I not want those who are bonded to me 

through the blood bonded through Christ

to always flourish within the sunshine?

“God has brought laughter for me.”

But we must realize this joy is not for us, and us alone..