Sleepless in Seminary



Lent is coming

And so is everything else in our complicated, spiritually filled existence…


The Prayer around the Cross worship gives us time to reflect and be fluid in our time together as a community..

Most often, it opens up the sacred  space so that we are opened to how the Holy Spirit is speaking to us along this journey, which sometimes leaves dust clinging to who we are

But, this time of the year…there is a transformation…

Middlers are approaching diving off into the waters of Internship

balling up everything they have learned and engrossed these past two years 

consuming it, and reforming it back out into something wonderful..

hoping that the audience before them gets their performance.


But, as I sit here attempting to figure out how to measure my head for a graduation cap,

the reality of the beginning of the end of one journey, 

and the beginning of hopefully something wonderful

flutters in my vision, as a butterfly so rare 

but now in my grasp.

Today begins the final countdown

Lent is coming

But so is Regional Assignment Day…

And so many of my classmates have spent this weekend in community

immersed in reading


questing and wondering

praying and hoping 

that the Creator has a sense of humor,

and sends us out, into somewhere where we are needed to share the Gospel.

God’s Peace


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