Reflections Beyond the Mirror


How interesting that our traditions have similar roots

in how we celebrate who we are 

and how our journeys have been shaped 

There are eight days of Chanukah

 Twelve days in the Christmas season

and eight days of Kwanzaa.

Each day is immersed in some meaning

or some holy verse

or some sacred thought.

There are those who would scoff at this ancient, wise

and exiled beloved community of the Divine.

My people

And say that we, as a race, need to get our house in order

otherwise we have no reason or purpose

to celebrate Kwanzaa.

Today is Ujima, which means collective work and responsibility 

Some say we are lacking-

But if they peer deeper into the mirror

they will see the reflection of their oppressive actions

denying us our basic humanity

therefore sometimes we do not see the trueness

of our meaning and purpose

of love, mercy and grace

that only the Creator can pour out

that only God breathed ruach into who we are

When we can stand to look into the mirror

and see past the pain, the sufferings, the torture heaped upon Black Bodies

perhaps then, we can begin

to strive towards Ujiama


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