Preach It, Sister!


What does the Reformation mean to our community anyway?

Thursdays in Chapel are the days when Senior M.Div’ers brave the meaning of community by sharing how the Gospel

speaks to who they are, especially as Seminarians.

And Miho did that so eloquently, and so full of humor..

“It was already Sunday afternoon, and I still had a blank page on my computer screen. 

You know what I am talking about.  Due dates and assignments. 

And somehow we have to complete the assignment often at the last minute. 

Friends, this is called seminary life.”

If you weren’t laughing at that moment, you just obviously did not understand..

“Panic, feeling overwhelmed, and frustration.”

One of the Middlers next to me called out encouragingly, “Preach it Sista!” 

” I was stuck and mumbling the question: What is Reformation to me? 

As a long-time seminary student,

I cried out to God,

“Help me Jesus, send me the active Spirit which stirred Luther in 1517, RIGHT NOW.”  “

Luther is still holding us to the task of challenging the wider Church

The wider Church is asking, struggling, journeying about how we, those who are called to be




Can create sacred spaces so that those outside our community feel as welcomed

and share with us too, how the Good News impacts



Re-forms their own lives

and how they impart their own wisdom

empowered by the Holy Spirit

to encourage who we have been called to be.

All human beings, regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or economic status,

every human being has sinned and falls short of the glory of God. 

 Luther knew his limitations and brokenness,

so when the scripture spoke to him,

“all human beings are now justified by God’s grace as a gift,

through redemption that is in Christ Jesus,

whom God put forward as a sacrifice of atonement by his blood”

 he was relieved. 

God, incarnate in Christ Jesus, took care of our salvation so that we do not need to be frustrated or stuck.”

Sometimes, hearing the Word Proclaimed through pretty awesome classmates, reminds us

that this is one portion of our journey.

and that God, Our Creator manifests and fulfills God’s mission

in so many diverse and beautiful ways.

Thanks Miho for your Word.

Excerpts from “Salvation is not for Sale” preached by Miho Yasukawa, M.Div Senior


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