The Roller Coaster Ride that is Senior Year

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The changing of the seasons signals many things, and reminds us of the comfort and the rhythm of community.

Senior M.Div year of Seminary could be compared to your favorite roller coaster ride. All of your life, you have passed by this massive structure, watching the intricate twists and turns, hearing the joyous screams of delight and beaming faces of those who have just experienced the ride of their lives. They seem to cling to one another in a common bond and are engrossed in sharing stories of their favorite moment, oblivious to anyone else who has not had the same exhilarating rush. All your life you walk past the “Must be this tall” and walk away drooping your shoulders, until that one day-

you find yourself strapped in…

And the ride lurches you into reality

And you wonder were those screams of delight or just yowling in anxiety?

Each October, LSTC welcomes visits by several of our Bishops from a variety of Synods in the ELCA. For the past four years, myself and many of my classmates watched the Bishops from afar, enjoyed the free luncheon held mostly in the Refectory and listened intensely to questions, mostly coming from the Senior class. For the past four years, as we wandered to and fro from classes or to the library, we would see the Seniors in intimate classrooms chatting with a Bishop as they laid out their dreams and aspirations about first call.

Now, the seasons have turned, and we as Seniors are listening with interest and have the opportunity to experience this LSTC “speed dating” of future Pastor and Bishop. 15 minutes of fame, perhaps, of expressing who we are and hoping that perhaps that particular perfect Synod we were hoping for, that the Bishop remembers our name, or what our gifts could bring to their Synod.

And as reality settles in next to us on this roller coaster ride of our last year of Seminary, our hopes and dreams are weaved into the cacophonous skyline that blossoms out before us. We don’t know what will happen as we ascending to the tipping point where we will plunge seemingly into the unknown, but what makes this so overwhelming in a blissful way is that before us with Her hands outstretched, yelling exuberantly at the top of Her lungs is the Holy Spirit, reminding us that the Creator God has brought us this far, and will not leave us, nor forsake us, dissipating our fears and bringing us into the moment to enjoy this life, this Seminary ride and our journeys that continue.

God’s Peace,

your friendly neighborhood Blogging Seminarian, Kwame


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