Variations of Expression of the Spirit


The Spirit speaks to us, and through us in many different ways..

and because of the different variations of how we were wonderfully and beautifully made,

we connect with one another as children of the Creator

Multiculturalism should not be a new concept, because if you ponder this, we as humankind have always been multicultural,

in some way or fashion.

What is a treasure to experience when two or three are gathered, is how we testify and proclaim the Gospel authentically

reverberates within, sharing the fellowship and worship

Once more the community of faith was gathered to hear a variation of Psalm 1 through many modes of music and spoken word

and to celebrate the work that the Pete Pero Multicultural Center contributes to the life here at LSTC

important work, because throughout this walk of a continuous spiritual journey

Seminary should be one of the places we learn to walk by faith, with the freedom to be faithful to one another

“Founded in 2009, the Pero Multicultural Center of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago is a resource for the whole church (local congregations, synods, seminary communities, and the church-wide expression) and for all our cultures. Our purpose is to bring together laity and pastors, students and theologians, and all others to candidly and prayerfully discuss how issues related to race impact the North American church and society. Our mission also addresses basic questions and issues related to leading and nurturing multicultural congregations.”


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