So What?

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 “God encounters us in the human condition as the liberator of the poor and week, empowering them to fight for freedom because they were made for it.”

Dr. James H. Cone

Last night, a number of us from LSTC: students, staff and faculty attended a worship and revival service…

…because as Bishop Wayne Miller put it, Rachel is weeping for her children….

…in Syria and Palestine, in Englewood and on the West Side….

….because Pastor R. Grady stated, “I am tired of being tired”

…because Pastor Larry Clark proclaimed, “I don’t want to do another funeral, ya’ll”

….because the youth present demonstrated through beautiful poetry the raw pain they are experiencing every day.

And the Holy Spirit filled that place through song and through prayer.

So, now what?

So what?

What do we do know that we have been filled with God’s Love, and called by our leaders of this Church,

to actively engage in ministry,

to effect change against the injustices that continue to pollute and contaminate who we are as sisters and brothers in Christ and in Faith?

Do we take the prophetic word that was preached and sung and poured into our souls and hold it, so that we remember-

and actually live out the mission and ministry where we are called to serve,

Where the Creator is Calling Us?

Or was that just another worship service where we were able to be seen?

There is a frustration and a tension that perhaps there are those who question why this happened,

and that many people who were there will not get it-

But if we truly are a community of faith, that means that we need to begin to have conversations with one another,

because we are all, not at the same place.

Some of us will go to the front lines, march on the Capital and local City Hall; we will call into question practices and policies,

that strangle those that we are called to serve.

But if we are truly a community of faith,

We must understand not everyone will be on board, and that is when we must be prayerful,

Because it is up to the Holy Spirit to have that conversation with our fellow sibling in Christ.

At the end of this service, with laughter and tears shed we almost ended without our final hymn,

And so,

my wonderful, enthusastic classmates just started singing,

“We are Marching in the Light of God!”

And we are, marching, singing, praying, fighting, talking, being the people of God,

in the healing, wholeness, eternal, beautiful, unconditional

Light of God.

So what?

We as the people of faith, struggle and strive to do.

Thanks Be To God.


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