Brewing and Senior Fundraising

Written by Emily Johnson, a Senior MDiv student at LSTC

Bottle caps 2.jpg

Each year in the life of LSTC the senior class fundraises for a senior class gift that they will give to the school as they graduate and move into ministry outside of the seminary community. In past years classes have given furniture for the grand hallway, money to “green” the building and other such gifts as reflects the needs of the community and the priorities of the graduating class.

This year the seniors have decided that the money raised will go to promote mental health in the LSTC community and have committed to tithe 10% of the money raised to the ELCA capital campaign.

Fundraisers in the past have included chili cook-offs, dance lessons and silent auctions but each year is a little different depending on the senior class. Community is very important to this senior class so all of our fundraisers are intended to bring the community together and we value participation and presence as much if not more than the money raised.

Our first fundraiser was an Advent Fair with crafts and cookies for sale. We also created and sold a calendar, “LSTC Professors in Their Natural Environment” with fun photos of many of our beloved faculty.


Going through the buffet line- LSTC Refectory.

Our most recent event was the 1st Katie Luther Beer and Bar Food Competition. Home brewers brought beers that they had been preparing since before Christmas and attendees had six different brews to taste in addition to the non-alcoholic Kambucha and a rootbeer keg. Beers included a“Zombie” Wheat, Honey Porter, Vanilla Porter, a Christmas Ale, a Blackmilk Porter and a Hefewizen. Beer was tasted out of specialized bright orange mugs sporting a picture of Katie Luther. All were delicious but when the votes were tallied the Blackmilk Porter, brewed by Cheryl Hoth’s nephew J.C. and his friend Phil, won by a landslide.

The cooks of the community also turned out in great numbers. Food offerings included several kinds of pretzels, cheese dip, jalapeño poppers and tamales. The clear winner in the food category was Christine Doidge with her entry of fried cheese curds.

The competitors were not the only winners. Kitchen themed door prizes were raffled off throughout the evening. The kids of the community had a lot of fun picking out the winners. All in all it was a lot of fun and a good fundraiser.

Future fundraisers/ community events include the silent auction coming up and in March a “Clergy Fashion Show” where the senior class will model ways to wear the clerical collar that are both stylish and age appropriate.


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