A Baby’s Home Blessing

Written by Jasmine Tesdahl, a Lutheran year student at LSTC


I came to LSTC as a Lutheran year student, having just finished my MDiv at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver.  With a husband and a daughter in tow and a baby on the way, I was nervous to uproot my family and move us all to Chicago.  I was especially nervous about leaving behind our wonderful and loving community of friends and congregation members in Colorado.  But two weeks ago, my family was completely and totally blessed by the outpouring of love and support from the LSTC community.

the booklet created for the blessing

the booklet created for the blessing

A couple of classmates organized “A Baby’s Home Blessing” for us, and invited the entire community – all were welcome!  About forty people came, and, as the procession wound itself up the three flights of stairs to our apartment – singing as it went – I thought to myself, THIS is an amazing, Lutheran seminary experience!

We tromped through the apartment, stopping in various rooms, everyone taking a turn to read a scripture or share a blessing for the baby who will soon be arriving.  There were funny blessings, heartfelt blessings, even blessings specifically for my six-year-old and our dog!  The entire Tesdahl family was enveloped in love and excitement and anticipation for this new little person joining our community, and the ways in which s/he will change our lives.  And I feel so honored by all the people who took the time to come and be a part of it.

Jasmine and her family enjoying the gathering after the blessing

Jasmine and her family enjoying the gathering after the blessing

After the blessing, there was (in true LSTC fashion), food, drinks and fellowship at one of the organizer’s houses.  It was the perfect way to top off such a blessed evening!  I am so grateful to be part of this community, and to have this community be part of our life and our family!


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