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Stickball (America’s Original Favorite Pastime)

Ben Adams, MDiv senior at LSTC, shares a reflection on communal living and learning through play.

Ben stickball cover

A small but formidable group of men and women gathered together to play the game of Stickball on a cold November afternoon during the American Indian/Alaska Native (Vine Deloria Jr.) Symposium. Excitedly, the group walked out to the quad to find miniature lacrosse sticks, a small leather ball, and a wooden fish perched way atop a metal pole.  Continue reading


American Indian and Alaskan Native Symposium

Written by Christie Webb, senior MDiv student at LSTC

basket 1

It is too bad that every week isn’t American Indian and Alaskan Native Symposium Week! What was it about last week’s symposium that was so very invigorating? The answer is simple: community. Continue reading