The Commuter

written by Chris Buresh, a 2nd year MDiv student at LSTC


As a commuter student with a family and a full-time job, my life at LSTC is a little limited. One of my biggest concerns was how I would build any camaraderie with others at the seminary. That fear was short lived.


Chris and his family at his son’s baptism.

I remember distinctly heading to rural Nebraska last January and getting to know some of my classmates as we spent lots of time together. Though that time has gone, that experience, along with the work done with others as part of various classes, has helped me feel a part of the community although my physical presence is limited.

Last year when my family navigated the complications surrounding my son’s birth, the support of the LSTC community, its professors, faculty, and other students, was massive both in quantity and sincerity. There is something special about the community at LSTC. This community wants to see you succeed. This community encourages and uplifts you through everything (even Greek and Hebrew). When I reflect on the word koinonia, I will recall the community of the faithful at LSTC…and I will give thanks to God for the glorious gift that is my experience as a commuting part of the community.


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