“The Harvest”

written by Sharolyn Browning, a Lutheran Year student at LSTC (2013-2014)


I don’t know why I was so moved by the film “The Harvest.” Perhaps it is because I just drove with my family from Texas to Illinois, the same roads the migrant farm workers traveled in the film. Perhaps it is because the opening scene shows the small El Cenizo community where I have visited our Agua Viva ELCA congregation. Perhaps it is because I have a twelve-year-old daughter, the same age as one of the laborers in the film. Or perhaps it reminded me that every bite of food I put in my mouth is from the labor of migrant farm workers. It is a powerful film.

The LSTC GreenZone is focusing the 2013-2014 film series on “food justice.” The second film in the series was “The Harvest”, a 2010 independent documentary that witnesses to the experiences of the children who are migrant farm workers in Texas, Florida and Michigan.

Welcome to El CThe film screening was followed by discussion led by Miguel Keberlein, an immigration and workers’ attorney, practicing in Illinois. It was noted in the film the extent to which migrants workers are mistreated is pervasive…every state in the continental United States. He pointed out that the laws that have allowed the un-just systems of child-labor, un-fair compensation and treatment are remnants of 19th century slave-economies.

As members of the body of Christ, we must be prophets for mercy and grace in the face of this injustice with our brothers, sisters and children.

To find out how we can make a difference go to: http://theharvestfilm.com.


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