Worship Spark(lers)

written by Alex LaChapelle, a senior MDiv student at LSTC

sparklers small

Planning the last worship of the year can be stressful.  I knew I wanted to plan a worship that celebrated us and did not mourn our departures from one another. I wanted to be loud, I wanted to have fun, and I wanted to be a little crazy, so I sent an email to the student preacher, and I said, “Fireworks?”  And he agreed.

Planning worship is an opportunity.  You get to try your hand at some liturgy, but you also get a chance to try things, things with a flexible and engaging community.  The talents are immense and available, but you have to ask and you have to try!


Alex and Justin practicing before participating in chapel.

So that day we got out our drums and after an amazing sermon and our prayers of the people had been spoken, we marched in the light of God, singing and dancing all the way outside.  As we processed we were given sparklers and some Roman Candles and we continued to dance and sing, letting our light shine.  There is nothing like seeing your president, faculty, staff, and classmates standing with sparklers and fireworks singing and dancing.  And yeah it was ridiculous, and yeah it probably won’t happen at my future parishes, but it happened, and it was at LSTC.  All I can say is, “Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you for that memory!”



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