Life at LSTC

written by Scott Chalmers, the Director of Admission at LSTC


I just got back from a great week spending a few days visiting some schools in Iowa, and next week I’ll be doing the same in Indiana.  I do a lot of travelling in this job, and I have a LOT of conversations about Chicago.  And Hyde Park.  Lots of people have spent some time downtown, but what’s it like actually LIVING in this city?  On this campus across the street from the University of Chicago?  In the LSTC community?

scott-chalmersI grew up in a small town in Connecticut a few hours from New York City.  I visited there a lot as a child—but the thought of living there always intimidated me.  I didn’t actually KNOW anyone who lived there—it would have been nice to hear from someone who did, who could say “here’s what’s great about living here” and “yeah, when I first moved here it took me a while to get used to” or “here’s some tips about parking.”

I’ve lived in Chicago for 21 years, but I’ve had the amazing opportunity to spend the last four years introducing this city to my four year old daughter Eliana.  I find myself really seeking out those neighborhoods and festivals and museums that I think will make her as excited as I am about living here.

I hope that this blog does just that for you.  Here you will get regular insights from students, staff, faculty and LSTC neighbors and friends about one thing: what’s it like being a part of the LSTC community.  Enjoy!



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