Everlasting Streams of #AdventUs


This Advent is unlike any other

We have taken the Gospel into the Streets

We strive to actively live out our witness 

Pointing to the Light

That brings a new Creation, a New Birth

Transforming us into the newness of Life

The Flowing of #Adventus


“Am I my sisters/brothers keeper?”

Should I ignore that which was cradled into the Creator’s hands?

Should I not want those who are bonded to me 

through the blood bonded through Christ

to always flourish within the sunshine?

“God has brought laughter for me.”

But we must realize this joy is not for us, and us alone..

Prophetic Witnessing in the Wilderness

This season is supposed to be joyous-but each moment we are brought into the horizon of the dawn

we are faced with more questions than answers



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