Brewing and Senior Fundraising

Written by Emily Johnson, a Senior MDiv student at LSTC

Bottle caps 2.jpg

Each year in the life of LSTC the senior class fundraises for a senior class gift that they will give to the school as they graduate and move into ministry outside of the seminary community. In past years classes have given furniture for the grand hallway, money to “green” the building and other such gifts as reflects the needs of the community and the priorities of the graduating class.

This year the seniors have decided that the money raised will go to promote mental health in the LSTC community and have committed to tithe 10% of the money raised to the ELCA capital campaign. Continue reading

Dual Degree: Theology AND Social Work!

Written by Sarah Bolick, dual degree MATS and MSW candidate at LSTC and University of Chicago

Stone Hands

Currently, I am in my second year of a three year program that combines a Masters in Theological Studies at LSTC with a Masters in Social Work degree from The University of Chicago. While it can be tricky to navigate the program due to the differing academic calendars of LSTC and U of C, it has been a tremendously enriching experience to engage with both disciplines concurrently. Continue reading

Diaconal Ministry Formation Event

written by Christine Doidge (front row, middle), 1st year MAM student at LSTC

Diaconal Ministry Header

As an LSTC student pursuing diaconal ministry, I recently had the opportunity to attend the Diaconal Ministry Formation Event (DMFE) at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. Continue reading


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